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Is it legal for me to raise interest?

Some financial institutions deduct the interest rate applicable in each review period, according to our relationship and associated products contracted in the previous year.

This practice is perfectly legal . What is not legal and, unfortunately, many financial institutions continue to do so, is to condition the granting of the mortgage to the contracting of insurance and other products or services.

Mortgage with the minimum possible link

Mortgage with the minimum possible link

If you are looking for a mortgage with the minimum possible link, do not hesitate to request information from our collaborating brokers by filling out our form .

The bank uses its bargaining power to try to connect as much as possible, but this reality should not hide the obligation to hire more expensive insurance in exchange for obtaining the mortgage. The more business we have with the entity, the more money they will earn with us. The mortgage loan has always been the easiest way to capture a new client, either by granting a mortgage to buy a house or by subrogation; If in addition to the loan we offer more business, many financial institutions are willing to offer us better interest rates.

Cost of the linked products 

Cost of the linked products 

We have to be clear about the cost of the linked products and make numbers, to see if it is convenient for us not to have them contracted, despite losing part or the total of the bonus, for the extra cost that this entails. The reduction of the quota should compensate for their hiring.

The most common products and links that subsidize the interest rate are:

Direct debit of payroll and domestic receipts, which has no cost (there are also payroll accounts with very advantageous conditions).

Hiring credit and debit cards (with a certain annual expense, usually).

Have home and life insurance with the insurer that the bank itself selects. The problem is that they usually have more expensive premiums than the same insurance at an independent insurer.

Annual contributions to a pension plan or investment fund. Here the problem is that they are not competitive and we lose profitability.

The interest rate bonus

The interest rate bonus

In any case, the interest rate bonus and the products that are taken into account must be well specified in the mortgage loan deed. The interest rate that will be applied to us is calculated in each review, based on what we had contracted in the previous year.

Very important that we review it, since it is not strange that they apply a higher interest rate than our share. They may have passed us the payroll every month but not as a payroll and the bank has not automatically taken it into account.

Bad credit payday loan online- Choose your bad credit payday loan com now

Choose your bad credit payday loan com now

Many people find themselves in a situation where in a short time they need to find a large enough sum of money. A bank takes a long time to receive a loan, and family and friends can not always help in that situation. By knowing the needs of citizens, we have invented special programs for bad credit payday loans, according to which the funds are issued to the borrower on the day of his request.

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We bring the perfect option to solve different economic contingencies with instant money loans, we even grant the best loans at the moment with Financial Credit Institutions. 

You need larger or smaller amounts, we grant them but the most recommendable, the best solution is the immediate small loans, yes, we have the largest companies in the peninsula working with us providing the best immediate loans online. We pay immediately that they are paid instantly they get the denomination of loans of immediate payment.

It is important that the conditions be studied but its immediated is the most substantial requirements to get this type of economic aid, the density of these companies increases in the Spanish market and this achieves proportionality before the push of the conventional banks, the interests at the same time are closer and there is a fortuitous comparison of these immediate instant loans and banking regulations.

The FCI lists are a problem solved by our company with the best search based on market knowledge.

The need for an increase in your bancvaria account by different people in the Spanish territory creates a need to which the market has responded with these immediate, instant, immediate loans companies that solve the existing difficulties to people listed in Financial Credit Institutions, sto it is a clear advantage with the normal consumer of these immediate online loans, they make it possible to escape from the hole in which many people find themselves and uncover a need for liquidity in Spanish families.

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The Residential Riester will be more attractive for many property owners from 1 January 2014. Above all, those who already live in their own home can look forward to the new provisions in the Pension Improvement Act. An overview of what is changing at the turn of the year in home ownership promotion.

With the new year comes a reform of the residential Riester. From January 2014, savers with an owner-occupied home or a condominium can use their Riester credit balance with state subsidies at any time for the debt relief of their property. In addition, the accumulated capital may in future be used to subsidize the age-appropriate conversion of one’s own four walls. Although the changes do not necessarily make the Wohn-Riester subsidy more understandable, state-subsidized home equity financing is even more worthwhile for many than before.

The number of residential Riester contracts has increased significantly in recent years. More and more Germans rely on their own property as a pension and use the state funding in the form of so-called homeowner’s pension. With the improvements from 2014, the residential Riester is now probably even more popular.

Residential Riester: More flexibility for debt relief

 debt relief

Probably the most important innovation in residential Riester is the more flexible withdrawal option. As of 2014, Riester savers are much easier to use their accumulated pension assets for the repayment of their real estate debt. As a result of the new regulation, owners can use their Riester credit balance – unlike previously – even before the start of the payout phase for debt relief. Here you have the choice between a partial and a complete withdrawal of capital. If, for example, expensive loan allows only limited special repayments, they may choose to use only part of their Riester assets for their own living space. In this case, however, they must leave at least 3,000 euros in their contract.

Age-appropriate conversion with residential Riester

Age-appropriate conversion with residential Riester

Another advantage that homeowners at Wohn-Riester from 2014 have: You may use their capital saved in the future for the financing of an age-appropriate, barrier-free renovation of your own living space. In addition, the Wohn-Riester becomes more flexible for those real estate owners who are relocating. The period during which they can take their subsidies for a new residential property is extended to two years before and five years after moving out of the first property. Previously, this so-called reinvestment period was one year before and four years after the move.

Residential Riester complicated despite advantages

Residential Riester complicated despite advantages

Although the residential Riester is quite complicated even with the new benefits, the government subsidies and the tax benefits with a Riester loan in many cases pay off to finance a home. Anyone who is considering how to finance the construction or the purchase of a house or apartment, should also in the course of a consultation on mortgage lending to other funding programs. Especially with such a long-term as an important project as your own property, it is advisable to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of individual forms of financing in advance together with an expert.

Heidelberg. With a disposition credit (Dispo), financial bottlenecks can be bridged quickly and flexibly. But most Germans avoid it: more than two-thirds (71%) have or do not use a dispatching system. This is the result of a representative survey by the market research institute YouGov on behalf of the independent consumer portal Verivox.

Only ten percent of respondents said they would overdraw their accounts more often a year. Almost one in three Germans (29%), on the other hand, completely refrains from providing their account with an overdraft facility. Although 42 percent have a credit line, they do not use it. Non-use increases with age. While 24 percent of the 18 to 24-year-olds said they did not use the dispensary, over 55 were twice as likely (48 percent).

Consumers apparently use the disposition responsibly

Those who overdraw their account do so, according to the survey, mainly due to financial bottlenecks (44%) – to pay for unplanned repairs or make additional payments. The rescheduling, the vehicle, electronics and furniture purchase play each with less than five percent only a minor role, as well as the financing of the holiday (6%). “It becomes clear that most citizens use the overdraft facility for what it is meant to do, namely to close short-term payment gaps. This demonstrates a conscious and responsible approach to the MRP “, sums up Ingo Weber, Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer at Verivox.

Dispo: Flexible and immediately available – but usually expensive

The majority of MRP users (74%) appreciate the flexibility of the system and the fact that, unlike installment loans, they can call on them immediately (33%). “Bank customers, however, usually buy their own flexibility and availability very expensive. As a rule, more than 10 percent interest is payable on this financial freedom. Those who have predictable expenses should therefore make better use of a favorable installment loan, “advises Weber. Small loans, which are repaid in installments, are currently available for interest rates below three percent.


Verivox consumer price index electricity


Overdrafts in the discussion

The transparency of discretionary loans has been hotly debated for months. Consumer advocates argue that regular overdrawing of the account paves the way for the debt trap. They therefore demand the statutory cap on interest. However, the plans of the Grand Coalition do not foresee that. Instead, the Union and the SPD want to oblige the banks to warn customers with overdrawn accounts and to offer cheap alternatives in case of prolonged and frequent use.

To methodology

The representative survey data were determined online by the market research institute YouGov in the period from 06.05.2014 to 08.05.2014. A total of 1,057 people over the age of 18 were interviewed.


Net loan amount Euro
Loan term 12 months 24 Months 36 months 48 months 60 months 72 months 84 months 96 months 108 months 120 months
use used cars New cars motorcycle Rescheduling / credit repayment Balance checking account renovation Furniture / Furniture / Kitchen move travel PC / TV / phone / audio Commercial / self-employed Free use Compare now!


Torrelavega modifies the budget to allocate 3.6 million to investments and advance in “ending” the debt

Torrelavega modifies the budget to allocate 3.6 million to investments and advance in "ending" the debt

  • The plenary session of the Torrelavega City Council has approved on Thursday the first budget modification of 2017, amounting to 5.6 million, most of which, 3.6 million, will go to investments in the municipality, the bulk of them "consensual " Another part of the amount will go to amortize debt to "finish" with it, which will allow facing "better" works such as the burial of the train tracks as it passes through the center of the city, a project that will be paid by 20% for the Consistory.

This has been highlighted from the groups that support the government team, PRC and PSOE, which have finally had the favorable vote of the Civic Assembly Torrelavega (ACPT) to take forward this modified group that had abstained in the Finance Committee . And although they were not going to pronounce either for or against, Torrelavega Can and Torrelavega Yes, in the end they said 'no', while PP has maintained the abstention announced.

Therefore, in the session, of an ordinary nature, the amendment submitted by the bipartite has been given the green light and a proposal for assembly training was incorporated, which also included the "yes" of the popular ones, including a starting of 10,000 euros for the adaptation of the rehearsal facilities that are being built next to the university campus.

The 3.6 million item includes investments for the Sierrapando Civic Center (81,000 euros); the first annuity for the acquisition of land for the summer pool in an urban area (100,000 euros); 210,000 euros for the purchase of premises in Plaza Chanete; 300,000 euros for the Extraordinary Fund of Supplies and Foods; 621,000 euros for the annuality of parking at height; 236,000 euros for the urbanization of Hermilio Alcalde del Río; 284,794 euros for the urbanization of Barrio Insa; 250,000 euros for the purchase of street cleaning machinery; 55,000 euros for the Ara del Dobra playground; 132,000 euros for the urbanization of Fernando Arce; or 120,000 euros for the floor of the pavilion of Old Havana, among other actions.

Likewise, in the approved budget amendment, a provision of 1.8 million euros is contemplated for loan repayment, which will wait for the General State Budgets to define whether the remainder can be used for other purposes than debt amortization.


Of the groups that have opposed the modified, Torrelavega may have justified its rejection because the proposed change follows the same "dynamic" of the "ineffective" budgets. In this sense, they consider that the fact that it is presented "two months" after the approval of the accounts reflects the "terrible" management of the local team, which they warn that they will not support as long as there are no "priority" investments that " revert to people "instead of continuing" giving them to builders and banks.

Torrelavega Yes has been positioned against the "broad" budget amendment, by 15% of the global amount, which also shows the "mismanagement" of regionalists and socialists with the figures of 2016, they have "left" almost 6 million. As for the proposed destination, consider that the new investments announced are destined to "disconnected" works that do not define the city model, but only "it is to spend millions" that regionalists and socialists have not been able to do so last year . In this sense, they criticize that a swimming pool is attempted, even if "there is no space" but "because a party asks for it", and other "non-voting" ones are not contemplated, such as the rehabilitation of the Town Hall, the Mountain or the Children's Walk, or "talk" of a plan to reactivate trade "with what is necessary".

Since the PP have abstained to consider that the modified has a "bittersweet." The "sour" part is the one that reflects the "failure" of the management of the government parties, which have only used 84% of the 2016 budget, but not the remaining 16%, and only 40% have been executed of the planned investment and 83% of social spending. This shows that socialists and regionalists must be "more agile", has held the 'popular' Natividad Fernandez, exconcejala on the subject, who has wondered why they have raised 5.6 million citizens if they have not been employed, with what, he added, could have been asked for "20% less" in taxes. The "sweet" part is, according to this councilor, that they are going to add to the budgetary document of this year already agreed investments, such as the summer pool or the covering of runways in New City and Tanos, "many" of them requested by the Popular Municipal Group.

On the other side, ACPT has supported the modified "expected", recalling that "it is not the first time that budget stability is broken", although it has accompanied the 'yes' of criticism, such as those related to items that destined to social services, area where "something is happening". As an example, he referred to the extraordinary fund for food supply, as there are families plunged into "uncertainty" because they have not yet received the expected help and others have.

And on the 1.8 million expected to repay debt, ACPT believes that evidence of "work done wrong". Still, they value that the City will have "zero debt", which "is good", because it will allow major works to be undertaken in the coming years that will force this administration to borrow. Even with everything, they need, "it's not good that every year there's money left over".

The current mayor of Finance, regionalist Pedro Perez Noriega, has clarified that the amended budget is presented "two months after" the approval of the accounts, as has been done "all life", after the liquidation of the previous year . And he has bet in this sense to make the change "as soon as possible" to move forward and execute the works "as soon as possible".

From the other party of the government team, the socialist Jose Luis Urraca has underlined the commitment, with this modified, of commitments announced two months ago, when the figures were approved for this year, so he concluded that "we are working according to what was planned ". On the promises made, has cited the acquisition of land for the summer pool, subsidies to rehabilitate facades, to expand the niches in the cemetery Rio Cabo or for the playground in Sierrapando. With this, the mayor of the PSOE has predicted that next year will be able to "end the debt" of Torrelavega with budget modifications like that, which are made "four or five a year," he stressed.

And the City Council will thus be in a "better" situation to face actions such as the burying of train tracks as it passes through the center of the city, as this administration will contribute 20% of the work., Which will also cover the ministry of Development and the regional government.


On the other hand, the Plenary has addressed the contract program Aguas Torrelavega 2017, which has had the support of all groups except Torrelavega Can, which has abstained because it considers a "priority" the dredging of the dam and advocates Do not expect funding from other administrations, as Torrelavega does. Yes, for that reason he has voted against while considering that it is necessary to "clean up" the current sediment infrastructure.

It has also approved the request for direct concession presented by the Asociación Cocinart Torrelavega for the organization of the third gastronomic congress -in 2016- with the 'yes' of PRC-PSOE, the abstention of PP and Torrelavega Can, and the 'no' of ACPT and Torrelavega Yes, and a motion by the latter group to demand compliance with the commitments made to reindustrialize the Besaya region.

Check here more news of Cantabria.

New Year’s Eve: How to have a good New Year!

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27.12.2011 – Insurance tip

Whether missiles, guns or party bangers: At the turn of the year, many let it really crack. In Germany alone, New Year’s Eve firecrackers worth over 100 million euros fly into the air. 1 Not always that runs smoothly. Whether a rocket damages the façade of the house or one injures oneself when firing a blast – many damages can be avoided.

Traditionally, fireworks and boulders are lit on New Year’s Eve to greet the New Year. A considerable potential for danger – above all reckless and improper handling of rockets & Co. leads to accidents and injuries every year. CosmosDirekt explains which insurance will pay for the damage in case of emergency and which tips should be taken into account on New Year’s Eve.

The most common New Year’s Eve damages – and when the insurance pays

Own injuries from rockets or boulders:

Dealing with fireworks is dangerous: In the case of injuries that lead to permanent damage, the accident insurance comes into effect. However, if the damage has been caused by dealing with self-made or illegal Böllern, the insurance can refuse the payment.

Infringement of third parties by fireworks:

If a rocket goes in the wrong direction and a bystander gets hurt, private liability insurance is important because personal injury can quickly become expensive. The insurance pays, if the damage was caused by the negligent handling of fireworks and at the same time repels unauthorized claims of third parties. However, she does not pay for intent!

Damage to the house:

Homeowners insurance covers damage caused by exploding firecrackers on their premises – for example, when a rocket sets fire to the roof of a thatched house. Follow-up costs incurred, for example, by extinguishing water are also covered.

Damage in the house:

If a rocket gets lost in its own four walls and incinerates the furniture there, the household contents insurance replaces the damage incurred. But best close the windows on New Year’s Eve, so that nothing can get into the apartment!

Damage to the car:

Should there be any damage to the vehicle on New Year’s Eve, because a rocket was not fired correctly, the “sender” of the fireworks body is liable. If the causer is known, his private liability insurance pays the damage. Fire or explosion damage to the car is already covered by the partial coverage insurance. The comprehensive insurance covers if the car was willfully damaged and the offender can not be determined.

Ten tips for a safe turn of the year

  1. Only use fireworks approved by the Federal Institute for Materials Research. These can be recognized by the printed approval mark, which always starts with the letters “BAM” (eg BAM-PII-0537).
  2. New Year’s Eve rockets should never be fired from the hand, but always from sturdy pipes or bottles. It is best to use a drinks box with empty bottles. A battery firework can be secured with two bricks against falling over.
  3. Firecrackers are not owned by children. For them, only small fireworks of the first class is allowed, such as sparklers, crackers and table fireworks.
  4. Lightning, firecrackers, fountains, rockets or fireworks are among the class two fireworks. They may only be detonated by persons over the age of 18 – and that only on New Year’s Eve from 6 pm until the New Year’s morning at 7 am.
  5. Never ignite firecrackers indoors – or on the balcony!
  6. Beware of duds. Never fire the fireworks a second time.
  7. In order to observe the hustle and bustle of the New Year’s sky without accidents, always keep a sufficient distance from the fireworks and do without wide pockets and hoods.
  8. It is best to close all windows, skylights or balcony doors on New Year’s Eve and remove flammable objects from the balcony.
  9. Car roofs or hoods should not be used as a “launching pad” for rockets, Chinaböller or the like – because the direct contact with the body can cause ugly traces of smoke on the paint.
  10. The safest way to drive your own car is through the New Year’s Eve – or in a quiet side street where hardly any firecrackers are detonated.
  • New Year’s Eve: How to have a good New Year! 119 KB

  • 1 Trade Association Germany #

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Lending Club, the pioneer of peer-to-peer lending, will go public


Loans between individuals will soon be invited to Wall Street. Lending Club, the pioneer and US market leader, has just officially launched its IPO process. The company, founded and led by the French Renaud Laplanche, says he wants to raise 500 million dollars. Its valuation is estimated at about $ 5 billion.

Seven years after its launch, Lending Club’s success has not been denied. “Our business continues to grow very quickly,” says Laplanche. The platform has just exceeded the 5 billion dollars (3.8 billion euros) in loans. In the first six months of the year, $ 1.8 billion has already been lent, compared to about $ 2 billion for the whole of 2013.

This growth is reflected in the company’s sales, which more than doubled between January and June, to $ 87 million. On each loan, Lending Club levies a commission of between 1.1% and 5%, depending on the level of risk of the borrower. These commissions represent almost all of his income. Profitable last year, with a net profit of $ 7.3 million, the company has however ironed in the red since the beginning of the year.


Although they still represent only a tiny part of the lending market in the United States, personal loans are attracting more and more. Lending Club can borrow up to $ 35,000, repayable over 3 or 5 years. The average is just over $ 14,000. Interest rates start at 6.8% for the least risky profiles. They can reach up to 30%. The average is 14.4%. A level that may seem high but remains lower than the rates practiced by the traditional system.

The use of Lending Club is particularly advantageous for people already in debt, who must repay purchases made with their credit cards, at rates that may exceed 20%. “This is the main use of the platform,” says it’s CEO. “The gain is important, of the order of 4 to 6 points,” he says. The platform also benefits from the bad image of finance. “With telecom operators, credit card issuers are the companies that Americans like the least,” said Mr. Laplanche.

Lending Club also attracted nearly 80,000 investors, who received nearly $ 500 million in interest. The service is not open to everyone: we must respect conditions of resources and heritage. Investors can choose between seven risk categories, with rates that vary in the same direction. To limit the risks, the company advises them to diversify their investments as much as possible, for example by allocating 25 dollars to 100 different borrowers instead of wagering 2,500 dollars on one.


In the face of competition, Lending Club is starting to diversify but does not yet plan to set up outside the United States. In March, the company opened its small business platform, allowing them to borrow up to $ 100,000. The following month, she bought Springstone Financial, specializing in student and health loans. It has also accelerated its sales and marketing efforts, doubling its expenses in the field.

Already a market leader, Lending Club had experienced in May 2013 a great spotlight with the arrival in its capital of Google. The web giant has invested $ 125 million. Six months later, it was the turn of Russian billionaire Yuri Miller, who made a name in recent years in Silicon Valley by investing in Facebook, Twitter, Zynga, Airbnb or Groupon.

The company has also attracted big names in US venture capital, such as the Kleiner Perkins and Union Square Ventures funds. But not only. Its board of directors includes John Mack, former CEO of Morgan Stanley Bank, Larry Summers, Treasury Secretary under Clinton, and Mary Meeker, a leading Internet analyst.

Exactly How Vectorvest Analyzes Stocks

With everybody falling short on cash, getting a $10000 loan might be difficult for those that have poor credit. Some get an instant loan banks no longer even offer personal loans anymore because they don’t want to danger that chance of losing that will money. Imagine if you needed to loan someone a tremendous amount of cash, what guarantees do you have the person paying you back again? If you think about this perspective, you will probably only lend cash if you had some type of protection on the loan. A protected loan whether it’s a $5000 or $10000 loan, functions the same way. Mainly in case you own a car, property or even home that is under your title, you can place that because of collateral on the loan. In this post, you’ll read what security is and can do for you and the way to get a loan with poor credit.

It can be challenging to figure out the value of investments in various asset classes. Bonds industry at yields. Stocks tend to be valued by their price-to-earnings proportion, and real estate trades depending on capitalization rates. Using free of charge cash flow yield is a helpful way to compare asset lessons.

Cash for mortgages comes from a number of different sources. Some of it is about from banks and agents, but a lot of it comes from traders in the capital markets. Provides buyers come to these marketplaces looking for good buys. Retailers of these bonds must contend with each other to get the money of such buyers. They do this by merely offering varieties of the expense instrument which differ regarding risk structures and comes back over time. These products also contend with other investment instruments such as U. S Treasuries, types of business bonds, foreign bonds, etc.

There are several varieties of bail bonds. Some providers don’t require a bondsman. These bonds tie up more money although and many people would instead make use of that for other long-term legal fees they may amass. A surety bond can be used for felony and misdemeanor bonds and is backed merely by outside sources. Professional bondsmen may also handle federal provides, as well as immigration bonds. These types of types of bonds that involved the US government are more costly as could possibly be more complicated. You’ll definitely need someone experienced in no credit check loans in savannah ga a complete service company if you’re in need of all those bail types.

There are many sorts of bail bonds that a churl can help with. Surety bonds are supported by an outside source, rather than the full cash value. This kind of bond services is used regarding felony and misdemeanor provides. A bail bondsman should always back felony and felony appeal bonds because they have got markedly higher amounts. These types of professional bondsmen also manage federal and immigration provides. Because they involve the federal government, these are far more complex as well as pricey.

Since Treasury Bonds are issued by Treasury Department, the Oughout. S. government backs every one of them. Tax is charged just on the profit that the provides make those who hold all of them (i. e. the interest). Treasury Bond denominations consist of Treasury Bills (T-Bills intended for short), Treasury Notes (T- Notes) and Treasury Provides. Corporate bonds contain a substantial amount of risk attached to them, in spite of their high interest (and thus return) rates. These are sold to make up the financial debt that a company owes, which usually add to their nature to be risky. If the corporation will go bankrupt, the bondholder will discover that the bonds have become worthless- and all their money no more valuable.

Keep in mind not to get tempted merely by investing. Believe your sensation and the information or study that you have. Do not entirely rely on your gut feeling since it will now help you to gain a considerable profit. If you invest the very first time, you should start slowly having a few types of bonds after which slowly buy more later on. It does not make sense in heading crazy and buying up anything that you think they will make your income. Think calmly and you will discover that there is a lot of money can be produced elsewhere.